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A FREE 6-week online exercise and education programme aimed
to improve your health and wellness in 2023 one small health habit at a time.

‘Minding Me’ is for adults aged 18-80 years. It is suitable for all fitness levels,
abilities and for those living with and without clinical conditions.

Participants on this programme will have access to:

  • 8 x live online exercise classes per week.
  • 2 x 10 minute health habit videos will be sent to you each week via
    email (Monday & Friday).
  • 1 x ‘Winter Wellness’ recipe will be sent to you each week via email. You
    will receive a recipe booklet at the end of the 6-week programme.


‘Minding Me’ is designed and delivered by EduFIT in partnership with Laois Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland.


‘Minding Me’ Class Descriptions

Strength & Tone: You will work your legs, arms and core muscles in this class. It’s the perfect class to build strength and tone to your body!

Flexibility: This class focuses specifically on improving your flexibility and mobility. Flexibility and mobility are so important for injury prevention for people who train often, reducing pain and stiffness and for positive ageing and living functionally fit and independent lives.

MenoWell: This is a women’s health class. It is specifically designed to improve the issues associated with ageing and the menopause. We focus on improving your bone health, your muscle tone and strength, fitness, wellbeing, sleep quality and your menopausal symptoms if you are experiencing them.

H.I.I.T: This High Intensity Interval Training class is designed for adults who are training often. This type of training challenges the whole body and involves repeated bursts of high intensity effort, followed by varied recovery times. H.I.I.T improves your cardiovascular fitness, body composition and cardiometabolic health! We do not recommend this class for people who are beginners to exercise.

Core and Tone: This class focuses on strengthening and toning your body, with a particular focus on working your core muscles. Core strength training is very important for injury prevention, rehabilitation of back injuries, functional mobility and balance.

Boxercise: This is a fun aerobic class based on boxing techniques.

Sit Fit: This class is a full body aerobic and strength workout. These exercises are performed sitting in a chair.

Please note that for the exercise classes you will need an exercise mat or fluffy towel. You will also need free weights such as dumbbells and/or kettlebells. You can improvise with household items such as water bottles or tinned cans. You may need a chair to assist with some exercises.


If you have any questions please email programmes@edufit.ie

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