Let’s Go Wellness UnLAOISed!
Let’s Go Wellness UnLAOISed!
We are delighted to kick-start the Wellness UnLAOISed programme with 190 adults from Laois and Offaly. EduFIT and Laois Sports Partnership custom designed and co-created this evidence based 12-week live online fitness, nutrition and health education programme and app with the end users in 2019 funded by the Sport Ireland Innovation Fund.

Following extensive testing and evaluation with users, EduFIT and Laois Sports Partnership are delighted to be supported again this year by Sport Ireland, and our new partners, Offaly Sports Partnership to roll out in Laois and

Offaly. We will kick-start tonight with a warm welcome for our wonderful participants, programme overview and some pre testing.

This project is a wonderful example of how we can combine multidisciplinary expertise, user experience, needs and wants, research, practice, innovation and technology for the delivery of simple, practical, effective and evidence based health and fitness programmes. This is an online programme so we are not limited by location, weather, travel time or travel means. It is quick and convenient for people to access live and on-demand. For this reason we are thrilled to welcome adults aged 19 – 83 years from all corners of Laois and Offaly who have signed up.

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