While the Kettle Boils Challenge Playlist
While the Kettle Boils Challenge Playlist

Well done to everyone who took part in our #whilethekettleboils challenge last month. You can now view all of the #whilethekettleboils videos in one place via our YouTube playlist. Click HERE to access them. In each of these short videos (<1 minute), our fabulous instructor Anne demonstrates an exercise. As part of this challenge we want you to do these exercises targeting key areas such as arms, legs, chest, glutes, hips for the duration it takes for your kettle to boil every time you boil the kettle throughout the day.

Did you know that us fabulous women lose muscle and bone at a faster rate in menopause? This can cause us a whole host of problems if we don’t take control. Strength training for every woman over 40 is absolutely crucial to prevent and manage this. Strength training also gives us so many other fantastic health benefits!

Did you know? It takes up to 2:30 minutes to boil a full kettle. Did you also know that you could do 70 squats in that time!
Don’t underestimate the impact that this one behaviour has on your muscles, bones and health. It really is the small changes that when sustained over time that lead to massive health gains for us.
Join us today, you will never look at your kettle the same way again! 😂💪
For full women-specific exercise classes, nutrition and health education workshops we would love for you to join our online MenoWell at Home community: https://edufit.ie/menowell-at-home/

Yours in health,
The EduFIT team


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