One area we specialise in is women’s health, particularly menopause. We deliver workshops that educate and train your team on menopause, its signs and symptoms, and its impact on physical and mental health, especially through hormonal effects on muscles, bones, joints, heart health, sleep, and cognitive function.

Our workshops are supported by comprehensive participant resources, including a S.E.L.F. Care Tool Kit, nutrition advice, and recipes specific to this stage of life. We also provide movement medicine videos designed to address various menopause-related issues by maintaining muscle size and strength, building bones, improving heart health, enhancing sleep quality, boosting functional ability, strengthening pelvic floor function, and promoting mental health and overall wellbeing.

Online workshop fee: €450 + VAT (13.5%)
*This includes the branded resources.

Research: Our practical exercise, health education and nutrition workshops and resources are all evidence-based. For more info please see our recently published research papers with Sport Ireland.