Episode 9

Episode 9

On this show Dr Diane Cooper is joined by:

  • Laura O’Philbin, research and policy manager at the The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Laura speaks about a report that has recently been published on young onset dementia. Laura speaks about modifiable risk factors for the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s and highlights some great supports and initiatives in our community that are available for everyone impacted by these conditions.


  • Dr Kiera Ward from EduFIT speaks about her PhD research which was funded by the European Space Agency PRODEX Programme and Enterprise Ireland. On the show Kiera talks about her unique research on a 60 day European Space Agency – ESA funded bed rest study. She talks about the reality of staying in bed for 60 days for the study participants, the physiological and metabolic changes that occur in the body in response to 60 days of bed rest, why this work helps us figure out how to keep astronauts healthier in space, how this applies to all of us in daily life, the importance of reducing our sedentary behaviour, and simple things we can do in our daily routines to reduce sedentary time and improve our health. 


  • Ruth Kavanagh ANutr is back to share a new tip and recipe of the week. You can view all recipes mentioned on the show HERE. Let us know what you think if you decide to make any of the recipes. 

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