Throwback Thursday – Year 2016
Throwback Thursday – Year 2016
Dr Diane Cooper and Dr Kiera Ward have been extremely fortunate to be performing research in the areas of human spaceflight, bed rest, extreme physical inactivity, and high levels of sedentary time and the impact on physical and metabolic health with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the past 7 years!
Diane and Kiera travelled to the :envihab facility at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in January and April 2016 for the pre- and post-testing phases of the 60 day bed rest study. Diane and Kiera got to see all the subjects in the 6-degree head-down-tilt positioning (top right photo, the subjects heads were positioned slightly lower than their feet for 60 days, 24 hours/day!!), the short-arm human centrifuge in action (middle right photo – yes, they put humans into this to perform exercise while spinning reallyyyyyy fast!! 😷 It is used to simulate artificial gravity!) and the subjects performing jumping and hopping exercises in a novel custom-designed horizontal sledge-jump system (bottom right photo – Diane got to test it out and it’s definitely not an easy contraption to exercise in!).
Diane and Kiera have also attended numerous ESA conferences including the ESA Innovation Exchange: When Space Meets Health, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands in November 2016, where Diane is pictured on the left with a replica of ESA’s heavy-load launch vehicle Ariane 5. Thankfully, the replica isn’t 50.5m tall 😅.
To hear all about this research and how this could relate to you, please listen back to our radio interview on ‘The Health and Fitness Show’ on Midlands 103 HERE.
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