A key component of our research, practice, and mission is raising awareness about the global epidemic of ‘sitting disease’ (sarcopenia) and how to combat it through practical lifestyle medicine.

Our research with the European Space Agency (EduFIT) focuses on understanding the impact of prolonged inactivity on physical, mental, and metabolic health and finding ways to mitigate these effects through movement and lifestyle interventions.

We apply this knowledge daily in EduFIT, since our work often involves sitting for multiple hours each day. We work with companies to deliver workshops that cover:

  1. The impact of prolonged sitting or standing on our bodies and health.
  2. Simple and practical movement ‘snacks’ to counteract ‘sitting disease’ and alleviate pain, stiffness, muscle wastage, and promote overall wellness.


After each workshop, we provide you with your own branded, customized, evidence-based resources for your team. These include key points of the workshop, and multiple movement ‘snacks’ e.g. 2-minute desk stretch routines, 15 minute whole body strength and conditioning routines, flexibility and mobility routines for back pain. You will have long-term access to these resources and are encouraged to use them regularly.

Online workshop fee: €450 + VAT (13.5%)

*This includes the branded resources.